Do you live here? Doormat -ZBLX Text Mat Floor Mat Rug Indoor/Outdoor/Front Door/Bathroom Mats Rubber Non Slip (30"x18",45cmx75cm)

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  • MULTIFUNCTION: Use it for the garage, laundry room, entryway. Easy to clean dirt and comfortable to walk on.
  • MATERIALS: High quality nonwovenfabrics and Rubber. Non-slip backing( made with quality RUBBER) keeps the mat in place all the time
  • MANUFACTURER FULL WARRANTY: With The Free Replacement Forever Guarantee, You Never Need To Buy Another Door mat. So If It's Not Working, Or Fitting, Or Standing Up To It's Task, You Can Send it Back For A Replacement.

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1) You can't ask people to take off their shoes.

According to studies by ISSA , about 80% of all the contaminants affecting any facility comes from the shoes of people in the building. Now you can't exactly ask your visitors to take off their shoes before they go in any room of the building

2) Entrance mats guard your establishment from added dust and mud.

You may not be able to control what kind of dust and mud goes in but having an entrance mat by the door is a way to guard it from the unnecessary. Having an entrance mat allows that person to remove some of that excess dust so that it won't go inside your building.

3) You don't have to worry about rain.

If you have an entrance mat welcoming each guest at every doorway, you don't have to worry about rain and getting your floors all muddy. They can simply wipe their shoes clean and dry before entering.

4) Useful and decorative at the same time.

What some people forget is that doormats don't have to be plain and ugly. You can be as decorative as you want to be, matching the entrance mat with the decors of your establishment or office or giving your visitors a sneak peek of what they can expect inside.

5) Minimizing slip hazards.

With an entrance mat at every doorstep however, you can easily minimize the risk of people slipping as they navigate their way into your building.

6) You can prevent floor damage.

With well-placed entrance mats, you can also prevent interior floor damage by protecting your floor surfaces.

7) It can help you with bacteria regulation.

So not only do you keep your rooms clean as far as your eyes can see, you also keep them clean even on a microorganism level.

Palm Tree Beach Themed Doormats Rugs, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor/Front Door/Bathroom Mats

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  • A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Due to the rug is folded in the package, when you received it, there might be some folds on the back, please don't worry, shake it softly and flat, after few days, it will recover to the good effect. If you mind the folds, please consider carefully before to buy.
  • Size: 18x30Inch
  • WASHING: Hand and machine wash can be, the best case in water at room temperature

Product description

Thank you for visiting FANNEE Ltd on Amazon, we hope you have a great shopping experience here. These amazing machine washable doormats are ideal for all doorsteps. Dry wet feet, grab dirt, dust and grime! Furthermore, these make great workstation mats and are perfect for use as office indoor/outdoor mats. If you have any problem with this doormat before or after purchase, please contact us, we will response ASAP.

The Hanging of Betsey Reed

On May 23, 1845, Elizabeth “Betsey” Reed, became the first and only woman to be legally hanged in the State of Illinois when she went to the gallows in Lawrenceville. Betsey was accused of killing her husband Leonard, by putting a little arsenic in his sassafras tea. To this day folks in the Wabash Valley still argue whether she was guilty or a victim who was falsely accused and sent to her death. In the summer of 1844 Betsey along with her husband Leonard were living on a farm near Heathsville, Illinois, a small burg approximately fifteen miles north of Vincennes Indiana. Leonard had been feeling a bit poorly for a spell and sent for a local doctor by the name of Logan. Doc Logan, the owner of a nearby apothecary shop, rode out and immediately saw that Leonard was in dire straits. He declared that Leonard had a gangrened stomach (stomach cancer) and wouldn’t be among the living much longer. Logan’s diagnosis turned out to be accurate and Leonard slipped into eternity on August 19, 1844. But it wasn’t until a neighbor girl by the name of Eveline Deal came forward and claimed that she had witnessed Betsey pouring a white powder from a folded white paper into Leonard’s tea, did people begin to suspect that Leonard had been murdered. Eveline Deal went on to say that Leonard didn’t want any tea, but Betsey insisted that he should drink it to settle his ailing stomach. Deal reported that Leonard became immediately and violently ill. In the 1840s, it was common practice for pioneers to send a teenage daughter to help a neighbor who was infirmed or injured. That was the case with Eveline Deal who was only fifteen years of age at the time. It was said that Betsey had problems getting along with women, so it is reasonable to believe that Betsey was not thrilled to have the young girl in her cabin. It was said that the two females didn’t take kindly to each other. Acting on the girl’s accusation, Eli Adams, a local constable, was called along with Doc Logan. They took...

OMG Sassafras Tree!

Omg Denise was turned into a Sassafras Tree! she was like "OH MY GAWD I'M A SASSAFRAS TREE OH MY GAWD!!"

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  1. Decorated Easter tree celebrates Pa. Dutch culture
    The society on Wednesday put up its Easter egg tree on Centre Avenue in Reading. The tree is a Pennsylvania German tradition that dates back to the middle part of the 19th century. "This tree is a sassafras tree wrapped in cotton," said Sime Bertolet,
  2. Senior spelling champ takes first with 'sassafras'
    The spelling bee went 15 rounds, and the winning word was “sassafras” — usually used to describe a type of tree or a hot drink. “I've read a lot. I've always had office work, so you have to be a good speller. That helped, I'm sure,” said Riley in
  3. Garden Help: Avocados might grow here, but there are a lot of 'buts'
    If the beetle is not carrying the disease causing fungus, it will likely not kill the tree. Other plants that are susceptible to the disease are swampbay and sassafras, and it has also been found in camphor trees. Back to the question: Can we grow
  4. HAVE YOUR SAY: Ferny Creek fire alert system upgrade
    of One Tree Hill. >> Does the bushfire threat always worry you? Tell us below. Ferny Creek Bushfire Alert Committee co-founder John Irving said the control system would allow the sirens to be activated from Sassafras Ferny Creek CFA station,
  5. Cape Gazette (blog) Getting lost in the solitude of Ponders Tract
    By Ron MacArthur | Mar 26, 2012 Photo by: Ron MacArthur Miles and miles of loblolly pine trees line trails within Ponders Tract. It's easy to get lost in the solitude of Ponders Tract in the Pemberton Forest Preserve near Milton.

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  1. RT @wickedFLOWERxo: "Sassafras, the Tree that gives us Root beer, also contains the oils which produces ecstasy."
  2. "Sassafras, the Tree that gives us Root beer, also contains the oils which produces ecstasy."
  3. This is a perfect little sassafras tree
  4. @Sam_Buttrick RT@untitled_mag: Sassafras, tree tht gives root beer,contains oils which produce ecstasy
  5. @Ian_Thomas_ @KittenMittens24 RT@untitled_mag: Sassafras, tree tht gives root beer,contains oils which produce ecstasy


  1. Sassafras is a small tree, Sassafras albidum, belonging to the laurel family native to eastern North America. Sassafras grows in woodlands in rich sandy well-drained soil from Maine to Florida, reaching a height of about 75 ft (25 m). The tree has also been imported to Europe, probably by the...
  2. Sassafras Herbal Tea is made from the roots and leaves of the Sassafras tree which is deciduous to North America.
  3. swathi's blogs on Hubbling. Sassafras. Sassafras trees grow from 9.1–18 m (30–59 ft) tall and spreading 7.6–12 m (25–39 ft).[4] The trunk grows 70–150 cm (28–59 in) in diameter, with many slender branches, and smooth, orange-brown bark. The branching is sympodial. The shoots are bright yellow...

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  1. Reflections on the Wacissa River: The Loss of a Species, Yet Hope for the Future
    Redbay is the larval food for the Palamedes swallowtail butterfly. It is a beautiful evergreen tree. This disease does not stop at redbay. Other plants in the Laurel family are sassafras, spicebush, pondspice and the commercially valuable crop – avocado.
  2. One dead when tree falls on vehicle near Squaw Valley
    Kids with cabin fever will enjoy story time at the Carson Library. Adults, get out of the house and enjoy some live music at Living the Good Life or Sassafras. Local McDonald’s restaurants hope to see you this evening: a fundraiser for the family of ...
  3. Home Remedies. Presented by: Joe Florence, MD Annie Kolarik, M-3 Andrew Tyson, M-3 Travis Grindstaff, M-3
    Raisins: Contain proanthocyanidins, which are thought to help fight infection and reduce inflammation, and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant Gin: juniper berries, which flavor gin, have anti-inflammatory properties 18 Bark or Root of the Sassafras Tree ...
trees sassafrass sassafrasalbidum backacre
You can tell it's an adult because it's thinking adult thoughts and putting out flowers like a grown-up tree.
Photo by Slave2TehTink on Flickr

tree sassafras
Sassafras tree with Nectria Canker sores
Photo by jgates513 on Flickr

nsw dungog sassafras australiannativeplants arfp barringtontopsnationalpark cooltemperaterainforest australianrainforestplants australianrainforesttrees atherospermataceae nswrfp qrfp doryphorasassafras uplandarf subtropicalarf cooltemperatearf warmtemperatearf
Golden Sassafras, (Doryphora sassafras) is a very common tree in south eastern rainforests. But few get this big. This is a giant. It isn't much of a photo, with the light flaring behind the tree. The laser returned...
Photo by Poytr on Flickr

Sassafras Tree photos | Trees and Flowers Pictures
Sassafras Tree photos | Trees and Flowers Pictures